SmackLabs goal is to create high quality plug-ins that are free for people to use.  The Logic Channel is a great example of this.  Most plug-ins that emulate the hardware that the Logic Channel is influenced by costs hundreds of dollars.   SmackLabs plug-ins are prefect for audio engineering students, hobbyists, and people starting a recording studio.  You will have access to the same tools of other expensive plug-ins that is based off of famous hardware.

About me…..  I’m an experienced audio engineer that’s also a hobbyist when it comes to DSP programing.  I  have over 20 years of professional studio experience.  Plug-ins i create are from equipment that I’ve used, some I own, and that I’m very familiar with.   Using the technical drawings from the hardware manuals, i create a plug-in that are very similar to the hardware and true to it’s sound and vibe.

SmackLabs plug-ins are currently written within Flowstone using Ruby code and its included modules.  I taught myself some Ruby to help create these plug-ins.  The downside is that i only can create Windows based 32-bit VST plug-ins within Flowstone.   I would love to partner with someone that is experienced in DSP coding in JUICE and is experienced in creating multiple plug-in formats and  multiple OS.

Thank you for your interest in my work.  I hope they serve you well.  Rock On!!!!

If you enjoy my plug-ins and would like to tip me a coffee, do so here:



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