SL543 Console Compressor

Based off of the a VCA duo compressor module found on a “5000 series” modern console, the SL543 provides two modes that gives the user both aggressive and subtle compression.  In Feed Forward mode, its hard knee can be used to aggressively control dynamics, but in Feedback Mode, its soft knee is transparent for 2-bus dynamics.  This is one of those pieces of hardware that can be used on every track of your project!


Download Link:

Key Features:
-2 compressors in one!
-Offers both a Hard Knee and a Soft Knee mode
-Wide range in compression ratio

Windows 32-Bit VST


5 thoughts on “SL543 Console Compressor

  1. Thanks, for this SL543 Console Compressor, it’s just what I need, I will use in my projects 🙂 greetings from mexico

  2. Congrats, this one is a fantastic compressor!! Also read my comment on bpb website below the article about your 84 clone.

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